Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Hey, Cupcake! Bring them sweets over here!"

I love eating sweet things so much my boyfriend lovingly refers to me as a hummingbird. I like to bake breads, pies and cookies. Above all, my favorite thing to make is cake. Cupcakes, layer cakes, plain old sheet cakes - It doesn't matter. I love cake. I created this blog to showcase my love of baking and the things that inspire me. I'll post pictures of things I've made, articles of interest and occasionally some ramblings of some sort.

Ready to hop on the Sugar Rush Express? Here we go!

(Side effects of reading this blog are: jittery movements, extreme hunger, weight gain, diabetic coma, excess energy and the uncontrollable urge to slather yourself in buttercream frosting.)

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